Convert your search results into revenue stream
Attract user attention by merchants’ logos
MonetizeSearch displays store logos in the organic search results, drawing user attention and encouraging him to click.
The links labeled with logos redirect to the merchant stores via affiliate links.
Every time a user makes a purchase following such links, you receive an affiliate commission.
Integrate through
Search engine
Browser extension
Any website with
search bar
Other technologies
How can you start?
After registration your personal manager will contact and send you documentation and MonetizeSearch code
Insert MonetizeSearch code you've got
into any of your search technologies
1 | Get your MonetizeSearch code
2 | Integrate
Get commission by CPA model
3 | Monetize
Our Partners
Affiliate networks we are integrated with
Top integrated merchants through affiliate networks
You will get a direct access to 32 000 merchants from 80+ affiliate networks instantly
There are multiple ways to integrate
our solution. JS, Library and API integrations are possible.
Our system does not alter your search feed, only store logos are added. We do not interfere into paid ads and do not affect SEO.
Flexible and seamless integration
Unchanged search feed
Leverage you will get
We do not collect any users data.
We only collect Click ID and Order ID for advertisers to make payout.
Privacy respecting solutions
No need to join each merchant separately. They are all available to you.
Store logos improve UX and help users to identify their favorite brands and encourage to click. Logos can be customized upon your request: favicons, partner links, etc.
Instant direct access
to all merchants
Improved UX
A solution is fully approved by advertisers.
GDPR - compliant.
How can I start?
In order to start you should sign up by this link
How can I implement your search monetization solutions?
Your assigned personal manager will contact you as soon as you register at the platform, inform you regarding the implementation and support you during all steps.
Who can work with the MonetizeSearch tool?
Our clients are search engines, browser extensions, browsers and any sites with search bar. If you have any doubts whether you are able to work with us, do not hesitate to contact us.
Why is your tool better than any others?
We have 32 000 advertisers, 60 000+ programs worldwide and high CR. 
We are flexible and are able to do customization for our clients. 
We have experienced tech team and fast reactions to market changes.
Do you support both Desktop and Mobile?
Yes, we support both.
Where can I track my performance?
You can track your performance inside our platform 24/7. You will get all the needed stats and real-time reports with a number of advertisers, actions, clicks, commissions, etc.
What regions do you cover?
We have worldwide coverage.
Do you support your clients?
Yes, each client has their own personal manager 24/7. Please register or contact us by
Let us increase your income
by adding advertisers' logos to your search technologies. Help your users to identify their favorite stores
Ready to monetize?
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