Earn on your
Internet projects
We turn ordinary links on your website into affiliate links
$ 27 268
a publisher earned for one month using MonetizeLink
$ 428
average earning
of the Internet projects
$ 979
a publisher earned for the first month of cooperating
Don’t waste time on excessive actions:
looking for advertisers
creating and inserting affiliate links manually
tracking link operability
12, 000 +
Active dropshippers worldwide
$ 1 bln
Sales generated
$ 50+ mln
Cashback paid
Since 2018
Concentrate on content and let MonetizeLink help you automate your earnings
automatic replacement of regular links with affiliate links
instant connection to over 30,000 advertisers
automatic replacement of broken affiliate links
Advertisers may change or disable affiliate programs, which makes affiliate links broken. With ConvertLink, you don't have to bother with updating the links on your own. Your users will be automatically redirected to valid offers while you will continue to receive commissions.
MonetizeLink brings together
willing to pay for promoting their products
with valuable information
MonetizeLink replaces links on your website with affiliate links and you receive commissions from any orders placed according to recommendations from your resource.
Content projects
When registering, specify your website where the tool will be used.
Install the code on all the pages of your site or on some of them.
Receive your commission from orders that were made using the links from your site.
1 | Generate a MonetizeLink code
2 | Place the code on the site
3 | Monetise your traffic
How does it work?
The link still looks natural to the visitor as conversion occurs only at the moment of following.
MonetizeLink generates affiliate links that do not consume link power, so it will not tamper with your SEO.
Same link look
No negative impact on SEO
No worries, no concerns
You don’t need any expert assistance. It only takes 15 minutes to create and install a MonetizeLink code.
Creating a code is easy
Create theme sections, e.g., recommendations, testimonials, reviews—where you can share links and drive traffic to advertiser sites
Improve content quality and reader engagement, and monetize your audience's trust
Boost your conversions: design your content so that you readers want to follow the link and buy the product
How to make more money with MonetizeLink?
Theme sections
Content quality and reader engagement
Why do advertisers and brands commit to paying rewards?
Just because you help them promote their products and services and acquire new customers. When a user clicks on a special affiliate link from your site and makes a purchase, we already know that they came from you. We see the purchase amount and pay you a reward for a new customer.
What sites can support MonetizeLink?
A site can be a content project (e.g. a news portal, blog, product comparison site, etc.). Alternatively, you can use the solution on the user-generated content platforms (e.g. forums, review websites, blog platforms).
What if we have a forum?
MonetizeLink can monetize user-generated content as well. Links that you encourage users to share in the comments will also start to bring you profit.
We have been running our website for many years. What about old content?
Specify sections with archived articles in MonetizeLink, and the tool will help monetize them as well.
We have a section where we post materials for which advertisers paid directly. What about them?
You can exclude from MonetizeLink any sections or specific pages you need to; to do this, check "Limit the work of the tool in the selected site sections" and specify the elements where links should not be replaced with affiliate links.
Earn on your
Internet projects
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