Turn your projects and hobbies into a source of revenue. Work with thousands of advertisers with one click
Monetize Solutions
Pick a relevant solution, and we'll do our best to make it work well for you personally.
Set up automatic conversion of direct links and keywords into advertiser links
Earn money on your online projects only without wasting time on what doesn't matter
Automatically converts all direct links and keywords into advertiser links.
Selects the best offers from over 30,000 advertisers from 80 advertising networks.
Regularly checks all links to see that they're working and replaces out-of-date links with new ones.
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Sign up and complete one-time moderation
Get your MonetizeLink code
Deploy the MonetizeLink code on your website
Monetize your traffic
Boost your income from search results on your website
MonetizeSearch will show store logos in organic search results, attracting users' attention and motivating them to visit those stores.
All links embedded in logos are advertiser links, and you earn every time a user places an order via your link.
Join in 4 simple steps:
Sign up. After you sign up, your personal manager will contact you
Get your MonetizeSearch code and all necessary documentation
Deploy the MonetizeSearch code on your website
Monetize search results using the CPC/CPA model
Additional solutions for monetizing browser extensions powered by Monetize technologies
30,000+ advertisers are willing to pay for purchases made via links in your extension. MonetizeExtension supports all types of browser extensions for various verticals. Get additional income with MonetizeExtension!
Request to sign up, and our managers will contact you to discuss the details.
Apps Monetization
Monetize mobile apps with thousands of advertisers
Apps Monetization offers you various app monetization options. Regardless of your project's size, you can always find a way that works for you to earn through your app with Apps Monetization.
Request to sign up, and our managers will contact you to discuss the details.
Use solutions specifically developed to monetize your software
If you run a unique, promising project that needs a custom approach, we'll be happy to develop a tailored solution for you. Our specialists will offer you the perfect product for you to monetize your project.
Leave a request, and our managers will contact you to discuss the details.
Monetize API
Use Monetize API with access to thousands of advertisers to create custom monetization products
Can't find a solution that works for you? Create your own! And we'll help you do it!
Employ the power of the 30,000+ advertisers and 80 advertising networks cooperating with Admitad to create your own monetization solution. Sign up and access advertisers via Monetize API.
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You will get a direct access to 30 000+ merchants from 80+ аdvertising networks instantly
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